i'm shafiqah afzan sabri, 24, n a full time student. but when semester break i will be a driver to my mommy n nanny, a babysitter to my nieces and nephew n sometimes i can be a chef to all of my family member's..haha.. so much job's i can do..hii~~

and i can be found in here:: and

the other place that i can be found is at my home at perak and my campus at selangor.wee~~

i love:: cat's, window shopim n hang out wif my frenz, da besh things i can chit-chat wif my BFF!!, my niece n nephew, n my novel's.

sometimes i need love being 'malas2'..haha

im kindda blur sometimes like tis meow..

sometimes..i will be sleepy head..hihi
but i loovee..tis moment!!